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University Flower Shop: A Flourishing Local Business

Young, hard-working, local business owners in Downtown Ann Arbor play an important role in maintaining the vibrant energy of the neighborhood. Dani Vignos, the owner of the University Flower Shop that is located in the 100-year old Nickels arcade, purchased the shop in April, 2015, just before she graduated from Michigan. She had aspirations of entrepreneurship after college and the opportunity to revamp the flower shop as the new owner had impeccable timing. Though she knew taking on this kind of responsibility would have its challenges, encouraging words from other young entrepreneurs in the area combined with her vision of success solidified her decision to pursue this path.    

Dani’s vision of the flower shop has blossomed (literally and figuratively) as she has created a beautiful space where guests are immediately greeted with smiles and the scent of fresh flowers. While discussing why she chose this industry, Dani goes in depth about her love of creation and the special significance in flowers, a perishable masterpiece. The composition of various bouquets and flower arrangements allows for her creativity to flourish (pun intended). The University Flower Shop has been around since the 1930s and cycled through different owners, but Dani has eloquently illustrated the special experience of supporting your local flower shop.

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 5.51.35 PM.png
A view just outside the shop, stroll through Nickels Arcade and you can't miss it!

A view just outside the shop, stroll through Nickels Arcade and you can't miss it!

Through supporting University Flower Shop you support local farms where Dani sources her product. One of Dani’s favorite parts of her job is going to the farms and picking the flowers herself. This process allows for a deeper connection with her product and the local flower farmers. She gets especially excited by the approach of spring, that first delivery after a long winter foreshadows what’s to come in Michigan. Dani’s involvement in the Michigan Flower Growers Co-Op has nourished her passion even more as she witnesses the importance of building relationships with the flower farmers.

Locally sourced flowers from @forgetmenotfarmsmi

Locally sourced flowers from @forgetmenotfarmsmi

An image of the power flower, Cymbidium Orchid

An image of the power flower, Cymbidium Orchid

It was her Father’s rose garden that introduced Dani to her first flower love, the Garden Rose. She also loves the Muscari, an adorable spring flower that blooms in purples and whites, perfect for a fresh bouquet. A power flower and another favorite of hers is the Cymbidium Orchid, which ‘stands out in singularity’ according to Dani. Dahlias and Peony Tulips also have a place in her heart as some personal floral favorites.  

Supporting any local businesses remains important in order to maintain the vitality of a neighborhood. Ann Arbor cultivates a strong support system for local businesses to thrive and grow just like a beautiful flower in a nourished garden.

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