State Street District

The Ann Arbor State Street District Neighborhood Association assists in planning for the future to provide a clean, safe, and vital neighborhood. The State Street District is home to the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

State Street Art Fair

Rules and Regulations for mobile retailers

  1. A white-topped tent is required unless officially approved by the State Street District.

  2. Exhibitors will be provided permits and procedures for move-in/out.  All move-in/out procedures must be followed.

  3. All tents must be secured with appropriate weights.

  4. Tents CANNOT be secured in any fashion to any City structure or private property - including but not limited to: parking meters, parking kiosks, lampposts, mailboxes, trash cans, street signs, electrical boxes, planter boxes, fencing, etc.

  5. Tents CANNOT be screwed into the pavement or ground by any means.

  6. All tents may be inspected by the City and all retailers will be required to comply with city requirements.

  7. ADA access sidewalks or structures cannot be blocked at any time.

  8. Any exhibitor selling food during the event will be required to obtain all necessary permits from the Washtenaw County Health Department.

  9. Items to be sold by retailers will be reviewed by the State Street District for approval via a submitted photograph.  Items such as, but not limited to, firearms, pornography and other items that may be deemed offensive will not be permitted.

  10. No hawking, approaching customers walking by, or calling out to passing pedestrians by exhibitors, will be permitted.

  11. All vehicles must be outside of the fair area by 9:00am Thursday-Saturday and 11:00am on Sunday.

  12. No vehicles, including bicycles or golf carts are permitted within the fair area during fair hours.

  13. Golf carts are not permitted on City streets or sidewalks.

  14. Generators are not permitted within the fair.

  15. No open flames of any kind are permitted in any area of the fair.

  16. Retailers are only permitted to use the space within their 10’x10’ footprint of the booth space.  No items can be on the outside of the booth and possibly obstructing pedestrian areas.

  17. All signage is subject to State Street District approval.

  18. Exhibitors are expected to keep their area clean and free of trash and recycling.

  19. Please be respectful of planters and private property and take every precaution not to intentionally or otherwise cause damage to these areas.  Exhibitors may face fines from the City or additional fees from the State Street District if damage occurs.

  20. All electrical cords must be placed safely and securely at the height of at least 10’ above the ground to connect to electrical sources where available.  No cords or obstructions of any kind will be allowed upon the grounds, streets or sidewalks.

  21. Electrical cords must be outdoor-use approved and will be subject to inspection by the City.

  22. Insurance acceptable to the State Street District will be required to be produced by the vendors.

  23. The State Street District may revise/change these Rules and Regulations any any time and provide all updates to retailers.

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