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The Ann Arbor State Street District Neighborhood Association assists in planning for the future to provide a clean, safe, and vital neighborhood. The State Street District is home to the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

Free UMMA Event: Curatorial Dilemmas

Did you know that the University of Michigan Museum of Art puts on FREE events almost every day of the week? I didn’t, but as soon as I discovered this, I had to check it out. They have a variety of events each week that not only educate you on the process behind Museum production, but also knowledge on the stories behind the exhibits. Understanding the curation in the representation of a culture, an artist, artifacts, etc. will help YOU as the Museum attendee learn the most from the experience.  

    The event, Curatorial Dilemmas: Representing Africa at UMMA with Pamela McClusky was the second program in a series of three comprised of different curators from Museums around the country. Pamela McClusky came from the Seattle Art Museum where she is the curator of African and Oceanic art. McClusky focused on connecting artworks and cultures while installing the African, Australian and textile galleries. Pamela states, 

“It’s a chance to rethink how we present [the artwork] with entirely new interpretations.”  Negative stereotypes are often associated with Africa, but that is not an accurate representation. She goes on to say, “So many people think of Africa as alien, but there are so many familiar elements — and look at how it interacts with the rest of the collections.” 

Pamela McClusky pairs a visual presentation with her lecture to depict images that help illustrate her points of discussion.

Pamela McClusky pairs a visual presentation with her lecture to depict images that help illustrate her points of discussion.

    Pamela McClusky starts the presentation by telling more about her travels and interactions with the people of Africa. She has taken on the responsibility to properly educate her audience by curating African art and in doing so she must create the ideal art installation. In her lecture she discusses how she feels her job is an opportunity and an obligation to bring awareness to those who attend the Museum on the most accurate representation of the culture.  

    While discussing the accuracy in representing Africa, Pamela talks about Peter DiCampo, a photojournalist and humanitarian. DiCampo started the What Went Wrong Foundation in hopes to reframe the conversation on foreign aid through in-depth photojournalism, crowdsourced reports, and data visualization. DiCampo’s work is relevant to Museum curators who are working to educate their audiences on the reality of the continent. At one point in the lecture Pamela discusses how difficult it can be to witness Museum guests underappreciating or not understanding the lives behind this artwork. The cultural story needs to be better represented and the artwork needs to be known in order to truly be curated.  

This event is just one of many put on by UMMA and they are all FREE. Take the time to visit your local Museum and learn more about the processes behind the exhibits. You can gain important knowledge, meet interesting people, make valuable connections, and get inspired. Visit to keep up with their FREE and educational events.  

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Rock The District Returns On April 22nd


Last year's inaugural 'Rock The District' drew in over 3,000 music fans to downtown Ann Arbor


The State Street District is hosting its second annual Rock the District music festival. Building off of the success of the of 2016’s inaugural show, the District is once again providing a completely free concert on the corner of Maynard and East William. A jam-packed line up of live performances, curated by hosted by Sonic Lunch’s Matthew Altruda, includes Theo Katzman, The Go Rounds, Misty Lyn & The Big Beautiful, Chris Dupont and Girls Who Care.

I am so proud of this year’s Rock The District lineup and beyond excited to dance the night away with thousands of Ann Arborites to some jaw dropping incredible music.
— Matthew Altruda

Theo Katzman, of the band Vulfpeck, headlines this night of artists, all of whom have roots in the state of Michigan. As Katzman has appeared in multiple funk shows with his band, he is eager to perform in front of his native Ann Arbor as a solo act to showcase his Rock and Roll sound.

The Kalamazoo quartet, The Go Rounds, have also been a constant in the Michigan music scene over the past 5 years. Their powerful and dynamic live shows have earned them a reputation as one of the best live bands in the Midwest.

In partnership with Ashley’s Downtown, this 5pm-10pm event will feature a beer garden providing cold beverages throughout the night. This Maynard block party serves as the perfect Ann Arbor venue featuring multiple access points and its surrounding of fabulous places to step away and grab a bite to eat.

With the continued support of our partners, the State Street District is looking forward to growing this event into the future
— Frances Todoro

This amazingly free event, open to all ages, could not be possible without the support of Ann Arbor’s 107one. Ann Arbor’s State Street District is inviting families, students and everyone in between to come out and experience this exciting Saturday night.

Welcome Bob and Patti Stern to the District and the State Street Art Fair, July 21, 2016

Yes, we do Windows!

We started in 1993 with a vision of using vintage windows as home accessories and giving them another life as art. By appreciating the historic value and the beautiful craftsmanship of nineteenth century leading and beveling, we have enjoyed blending the beauty of these materials to create our own one-of-a-kind art pieces. We believe each person who appreciates our work is honoring their personal history and their past.

Our newest items are clock head curio cabinets created from architectural artifacts. While mimicking the human form they are both functional and whimsical~ a new twist on the ‘grandfather clock’.

Most of our windows date from the mid nineteenth to the early twentieth century. They are transformed into art by applying various finishes to the frames. The frames are painted for antiquity to create either patina or hand-rubbed, weathered glazed finishes.

Bob & Patti Stern

Terry Abrams: Student and Teacher, Photography with a Passion

Terry Abrams has been teaching photography since 1975, when he moved to Europe to establish photography programs for an American college in Europe. He subsequently lived overseas for 13 years in England, Spain, Germany and the Azores Islands. During this time he travelled extensively throughout Europe, teaching Art and Photography.

In 1988, Terry moved to Ann Arbor, Michigan and began teaching photography at Washtenaw Community College, where he is a full-time faculty member. As Department Chair for seven years, he guided the photography program through the transition from darkroom to digital photography and into a new building and lab facility designed for digital imaging.

Terry has also been a Lecturer in Photography at The University of Michigan and conducts photography workshops at The Maine Photographic Workshops in Rockport, Maine. He co-produced the Great Lakes Digital Conference from 2003-2005, and taught workshops alongside the major innovators in digital photography, including Thomas Knoll, the inventor of Adobe Photoshop.

Throughout his career, Terry continues to be a student of photography. He has had the good fortune to study with Arnold Newman, Paul Caponigro, Michael Kenna, John Sexton, John Paul Caponigro, Lewis Kemper and others.

Terry Abrams has a BFA Degree in Photography from The Maryland Institute College of Art and Design, and an EdM Degree in Educational Leadership from Boston University. He also earned a Certificate in Photography from the Agfa-Gevaert Institute in Munich, Germany.

In 2005, Terry was selected to participate in a Fulbright-Hays Group Project led by the University of Michigan to travel, photograph and study Islamic culture in Morocco and southern Spain. In 2010, he was hosted by the Turkish Cultural Foundation to travel and photograph throughout Turkey as a Cultural Tour participant. He currently conducts photography travel workshops to locations such as Morocco, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Scotland, Greece and Iceland.

In addition to teaching, Terry creates photographs using the latest digital technology. His images are reproduced in books and appear regularly in exhibitions. He began working with digital technology in the 1990s by scanning 8x10 negatives he produced with an antique camera, but today is working mostly with high resolution digital cameras, software applications, fine-art papers and large-format inkjet printers to produce his photographs.

Terry’s approach to photography is to produce images that communicate his visions of design and atmosphere both in black and white and color. His subjects include nature, landscapes and architectural elements from around the world.


A.E. London Studio, Endangered Species Fine Arts of the Wild

Anne E. London is an accomplished American artist whose work combines two her passions: visual art, and the conservation and celebration of endangered species. Through her earlier Intaglio engravings, to her latest work with impressionistic charcoal and watercolor, Anne brings to life breathtaking portraits of the animals in their natural habitats.

She travels frequently to Africa and other wild locations to witness endangered species firsthand and record the face of nature through her “Portraits of the Wild.” Her digital studio holds a collection of her works, photos from the field, and journal entries from her adventures across the planet.

Anne’s artistic journey began over 40 years ago in Los Angeles, during her early film industry career. She worked with actress Tippi Hedren, who founded the Shambala Preserve -- a refuge in California for big cats, elephants and many other endangered species. It was there Anne first realized she could meld her artwork with her love for animals.

Since then, she has won numerous critical national and international awards. As a Signature Artist member of the Society of Animal Artists, she is recognized as having attained the highest level of ability in the field of animal art. In 2005, she won the society’s prestigious Award of Excellence for her piece “Kitabu.” Anne is also an active, signature member of Artists for Conservation, an organization that celebrates artistic excellence in the depiction of nature and directly supports individuals and organizations committed to animal conservation worldwide.

Anne appears frequently in global media, both an artist and a champion of animal rights. She remains passionate about sharing the beauty and majesty of Africa with other animal enthusiasts she meets on her travels, and her role in protecting our planet’s endangered species is one she holds sacred.

She returns to Africa each year with small groups of fellow conservations and friends to gather new ideas and immerse herself in the wild. With her husband Jim Hart, she recently spent a month in the remote lowland swamps of Borneo researching the incredible orangutan, learning about its habitat and why the species is so endangered.

Beyond studying wildlife, Anne also works with local schools in remote African communities to introduce children to art. In 2012, she and Jim founded Arts for Animals, an innovative program for young African students that links “creativity with conservation.” Arts for Animals teaches children to draw endangered and threatened animals while stressing the importance of preserving their wildlife and their habitats. (For more information, visit

Anne moved her studio several years ago to Mandeville, Louisiana. With new spaces and energies, her art has continued to evolve as Anne adopts new materials and techniques. She recently featured work in galleries, shows and exhibitions across the United States as well as in Guatemala, South Africa and Italy.

Anne will be returning to the State Street Art Fair this year, July 21-24.  

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