State Street District

The Ann Arbor State Street District Neighborhood Association assists in planning for the future to provide a clean, safe, and vital neighborhood. The State Street District is home to the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

People's Choice / Jury Awards 2017

2017 People's Choice Awards

First place - $1,500

Jenna Hirt - Jewelry - B4071

Second Place - $1,000

Richard Russell - 2D Mixed - B5052

Third Place - $500

 Jesse Green - Photography - B3068

The People's Choice award will let the public decide on whom they believe to be the best exhibitors in the State Street Art Fair. Visitors are encouraged to vote by texting BOOTH #### to 67076. For example, to vote for the artist at Booth 9999, cast your vote by sending a text to 67076 reading, BOOTH 9999. 

2017 State Street Art Fair Jury Award Winners

Best in Show

3D Best in Show

Santiango Gutierrez


Mick Whitcomb - 3D Mixed - B5014
Karen Hibbs - Glass - B2044
Robert Dudenhoefer - Jewelry - B2003
Eric Carroll - Sculpture - B5040

2D Best in Show

Alla Tsank

Honorable Mention

Michelle McDowell Smith - 2D Mixed - B3135
Woody Patterson - 2D Mixed - B4055
B. Eugene Bauer - Photography - B4051
David Mangles - Photography - B2010

Karen Anderson Award

Alan Serota - B4094 - Emerging - Painting


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