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The Ann Arbor State Street District Neighborhood Association assists in planning for the future to provide a clean, safe, and vital neighborhood. The State Street District is home to the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

Mobile Retailers

 A mobile retailer is defined as a retailer that does not have a permanent retail location and/or does not represent a widely-known brand. Any items which might endanger public health and safety or interfere with the efficient operation of the art fair, including but not limited to firearms, sexually explicit materials, etc. will not be permitted.

  • Mobile retailers are individuals or businesses that sell retail products and do not meet the criteria to be an artist. All spaces are 10’ x 10’ in size.
  • Space for mobile retailers is limited and located in specific areas of the State Street Art Fair
  • Several spaces are reserved for Sponsors of the The Ann Arbor Art Fair.  The availability of these specific spaces will not be known until May.  
  • All participating mobile retailers must follow all Rules and Regulations
  • All mobile retailers must complete an application and provide requested images.  
  • Mobile retailers, must sign a contract with the State Street District in order to purchase any booth space
  • All spaces are 10’ x 10’ in size. Some spaces do have access to electricity
  • To apply, fill out the form below


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